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I write for We interview bands and review concerts and new albums. We do not concentrate on just one genre or just concentrate on the big national acts. We also cover the bands that are trying to make it and by doing so we hope we are helping those bands at least a little bit.


art, checking out live music, kat von d, music, my family, pop culture, writing, zooey deschanel

Favorite Music:

& the water walkers, 1332 records, 2 dog tuesday, 24e, 3mi (three mile island), a city serene, a new revolution, ac/dc, acoustic wales network, adler's appetite, adrian and the sickness, air dubai, alex grossi, alfi, alice cooper, alice in chains, alpha records, american hollow, american hollow - whisper campaign (2010), amp magazine, anadies, anchored, ancient future, anew revolution, april wine, audiostagg, avenged sevenfold, beastie boys, beth wimmer, bill leverty, black crown entertainment, black label society, blackwood (the band), blazing scarlet, bob dylan, bonnie and the beard, boogie machine, born in winter, brandi carlile, brave the breakdown, breaking & entering, bridges left burning, broken holmes, broken tongues, bruce kulick, buck cherry, buckcherry, buckcherry fans, butcher babies, carlos cavazo, chaser, cherry creek, chico chica, chico fellini, cinderella 'station', cinderella (band), circus 51, clutch, codeseven, coles whalen, coral thief, counting crows, craig gruber`s eden (official bandpage), cross canadian ragweed, crusher bound cadillac, cynthia del'aria, d.a.d, damn handsome and the birthday suits, danger danger, dangerous toys, danny elfman, dave mansfield and the l.a.m.f's, dave tamkin, deadpuppet, death for breakfast, default, deftones, defunct!, denver's music scene, derek trucks, digital skunk, dimebag darrell, dog bone dry, dropkick murphys, ekotren, elvis took acid, eoto, eric heywood, ethan johns, extreme, fans of the walker williams band, favored nations entertainment, festival, fizakat, floater, flogging molly, framing hanley, frankie banali, freakshow, fred coury, from outside, funkyfresh entertainment, gary holland multi-platinum musician, gaslight anthem, gaslight street, gentleman thieves, george tickner, glass delirium, glenn hughes, glyphic, gov't mule, grateful dead, gravity, gregory dale holland, grunge, gt and the sidewinders, gunfire 76, h.e.a.t, hanoi rocks, hawk attack, hayley williams, head for the hills, heart & soul radio, hell's belles, high voltage, holden young & hy3, holy hell rod, hypnautic, i love music!, iambic pulse, ice nine kills, iconoclass, in this moment, ironwood rain, izcalli, j minus (official), j.c, jackyl, jaden carlson, jean-paul gaster, joe bear, john common & blinding flashes of light, jon ridnell, judas priest, julius c, katie cole, kip winger, kostas karamitroudis, kristian leontiou, l.a.p.d., ladyjack, lansdowne, laura bradley, lee thomas band, legend of the fall, lexi fey, like pianos crashing, lil wayne, lizzy borden, locash cowboys, lost point, lotus, made fresh daily, marcus very ordinary, mastodon, matic, mechanical dan, mercedes fox, metallica, mile high music festival, mother love bone!, motley crue, mr spoon, murderdolls, muse, musicians in action, musketeer gripweed, my body sings electric, my chemical romance, narwhal birdskull, nathen maxwell, naughty chair, nemesys, nick cave & the bad seeds, nikki sixx, nitty gritty dirt band, no bueno!, nofx, of davids army, ofdavid, officialxyz, omniism, one eskimo, p-nuckle, pantera, pat green, paul shortino fan page, pawn ticket trio, pennywise, pete kartsounes, pete wentz, peter mulvey, phil vassar, philip anselmo, politic, pretty lights, primasonic, psr, punishment, punk rock life denver, queensryche, quiet riot, rachel james, railroad earth, ratt, ray lamontagne, red stinger, richie scarlet--, rikki dee hall - singer / songwriter, roadrunner records, rob benjamin, rob drabkin, rock 'n' roll is my life!!!, rock sugar, roger clyne & the peacemakers, roots & rhythm band, rubicon entertainment's journey rock hall of fame page, saints, saints of taint, saving abel, scorpions, searching!, sebastian bach, secondhand serenade, seg: sweetwine entertainment group, senses fail, seris, sevendust, sfd (six feet deep), shotgun holiday, signum a.d., sixxsense, skull fist, skyfox, slash, sleeze beez, slopeside, snake rattle rattle snake, something underground, soulstar, speck5, statewide emergency, stealing heather, steel panther, steve lukather, steven weiss, stone sour, street talk, strumments ukulele orchestra, strung out, stu nevitt, sunday girl, synthetic elements, tequila mockingbird, thateightiesband, the a-oks!, the atma weapon, the bakerton group, the blackouts, the chariot, the damned things, the doors, the epilogues, the firewater rock n roll medicine show, the h project, the heyday, the indulgers, the jimi hendrix experience official page, the mansfields, the namesakes, the official mj guitars page, the photo atlas, the rolling stones, the ska skank redemption, the still city, the strays, the string cheese incident, the swayback, the sweet divine, the types, the wisemen, thompson square, tim barry, tokio hotel, tom kaulitz, tommy lee, tony franklin the fretless monster, tony haven, trace bundy, tracii guns, transmit now, uncle daddy and the muddy tires band, uncle kracker (official page), us, usual suspects, veipa cray, vices i admire, vince neil official, vinnie paul, wake the light, warner drive, warped tour, warrant, warren haynes, we are the fallen (official), weathermaker music, wednesday 13, western underground, whiskey blanket, whisper fiercely, white leather, widespread panic, witchburn, xyz, zakk wylde

Favorite Movies:

Basketball Diaries, Boondock Saints, Empire Records, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Lock, Love and a .45, Official Percy Jackson Movie, One Nine Nine Four, Snatch, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Tank Girl

Favorite TV Shows:

3 and a half men, american idol, south park